Registered Nurse RN -Unit Mangaer

General Description
Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Nursing or Director of Nursing
Services the Unit Manager has authority, responsibility and accountability for the overall
management of residents on a designated unit. The Unit Manager is responsible for
directing, coordinating, and supervising the activities of nursing staff engaged in specific
nursing practices and is responsible for transmitting each unit's staff concerns to the
appropriate department supervisor. Demonstrates ability to perform job functions of a
Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse, as needed.
Essential Duties
1. Perform various duties to provide quality nursing care to residents to maintain or
attain the highest practical level of functioning as illustrated by the following:
a. Plans effective administration of nursing care in cooperation with other health
related disciplines on each unit.
b. Responsible for assessment of resident needs, development and
implementation of comprehensive Care Plan. Consults with residents'
physician in planning resident care. Periodically reviews and updates
comprehensive Care Plan.
c. Evaluates incidents and determines emergency measures to be used. Assesses
and directs emergency treatment to residents and staff involved in accidents.
If necessary, notifies the physician and the appropriate persons. Completes
the incident report with causes investigated and corrective actions taken
and/or suitable recommendations made to avoid recurrence, for review by the
Facility Quality Assurance Committee. Updates the Care Plan with new
d. Supervises planning of daily assignments for personnel on the unit.
e. Conforms to established policies and procedures and maintains staff
awareness of these in their daily work.
f. Schedules and leads staff conferences to promote initiative and solve resident
care oriented problems.
g. Works with interdisciplinary team members in developing a discharge plan for
individual residents and assists in achieving discharge planning.
h. Assists in orienting and directing new staff.
i. Maintains accurate records of resident care and related statistics as required.
j. Reviews and interprets work performance against accepted standards.
Responsible for completion of performance evaluations of nursing staff. May
review and provide input for performance evaluations for nursing staff on
alternate shifts. Completes proficiency audits for nurses and assigns and
reviews audits for Certified Nursing Assistants.
k. Directs requisitions of equipment and supplies and encourages proper
utilization of same.
l. May provide input to the appropriate staff in planning nursing in-service
programs and on-the-unit conferences based upon an assessment of staff's
learning needs and/or resident care problems.
m. Handles resident or staff grievances and/or refers them to the appropriate
department supervisor.
n. Is available for emergencies and assistance to nursing staff as needed.
o. Communicates and acts as a liaison among residents, family, physicians, and
p. Accompanies physicians on rounds, examinations and treatments, as needed.
q. Informs the Charge Nurse and Director of Nursing Services of pertinent
information concerning resident status, staff actions, employee attitudes and
r. Conducts resident rounds to assess and/or supervise nursing care, assess
condition of residents, and promotes a safe, clean, comfortable environment.
s. Receives reports from personnel on previous shift and verifies that the
continuity of care continues by staff on next shift.
t. Participates in Nursing Management Meetings, HART Team Meetings, and
Comprehensive Care Plan Conferences.
u. May provide input in formulating nursing policies and procedures.
v. Notifies the resident's physician, family and/or health care agent of any
change in the resident's condition.
2. Establishes and maintains resident care systems per standardized procedure that are
consistent throughout the Facility. These include:
a. Unit Management System for group assignments and nursing assistant
b. Restraint Reduction System to verify restraints are at a minimum, and that
restraints are released at least every two hours, or per Care Plan. Restraint
releases are to occur on the unit at the same time or per Care Plan, and be
observed by a licensed staff member.
c. Turning and Positioning System to verify schedules are followed every two
hours or per Care Plan.
d. Resident Ambulation System to verify residents adhere to their ambulation
e. Scheduling system to verify scheduling for nurses and CNAs is completed in a
fair and consistent manner.
f. Nourishment/Supplements System to verify nourishments/supplements are
passed according to developed schedule.
g. Cleanliness System to verify that environment is clean, orderly and organized.
Verifies cleaning schedules are in writing and audited daily.
h. Infection Control System to verify that appropriate infection control protocol
is followed.
i. Pharmacy System to verify correct meds are received timely, meds are
discarded timely and properly and costs are appropriate for resident payer
sources; and med room and med carts are monitored for policy compliance.
j. Lab System to verify labs are drawn timely, and in accordance with doctors
k. Reviews Change of Condition/24-Hour Report daily and deletes residents
from the report as needed.

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