Registered Nurse RN - Shift Supervisor

General Description Under the direction of the Director of Nursing, the Shift Supervisor
/ Relief Supervisor is responsible for maintaining the standards of nursing care and
practices within the Facility to meet the physical, psychosocial, and rehabilitation needs
of the residents.
Essential Duties
1. Perform various duties to provide quality nursing care to residents to maintain or
attain the highest practical level of functioning and to coordinate total nursing care for the
residents as illustrated by the following:
a. Assesses residents who have had an accident or incident that results in
injury or any unusual event. Documents findings as per Resident Care
Manual Policy.
b. Thoroughly investigates allegations of alleged abuse / neglect or
misappropriation of property and notifies appropriate parties as per
c. Makes daily rounds in areas of nursing care under his/her supervision,
visiting each unit to evaluate overall unit performance, and to receive
comments relating to the residents needs and problems, and implement
necessary changes.
d. Delegates responsibility to nursing personnel through work
assignments, etc. for direct nursing and non-nursing care of patients
during the shift.
e. Assists in assessing level and number of personnel assigned to the unit.
Makes recommendations regarding such personnel where indicated for
better patient care and utilization of such personnel.
f. Supervises and evaluates the performance of nursing personnel under
his/her direct supervision.
g. Instructs nursing personnel on new policies and procedures and
treatments to allow for the most effective use of nursing time.
h. Reports status of nursing personnel and other supervisory matters to the
Assistant Director of Nursing Services and/or Director of Nursing
Services, on a daily basis.
i. Makes recommendations for hiring, disciplining, evaluating and the
termination of personnel through written reports and verbal
j. Completes appropriate evaluation summaries and assists with those
completed by Unit Managers and/or Charge Nurses, as needed.
k. Assists in the scheduling of personnel to adequately cover all nursing
l. Assists with the preparation of the nursing department budget and
adheres to that budget as approved by the Executive Director.
m. Assesses, monitors, and treats specific patient care conditions pursuant
to physician orders.
n. Maintains open line of communication with attending physician
regarding patient care and/or treatment issues.
o. Verifies the coordination of nursing care with other departments and
disciplines within the Facility to best meet resident care objectives.
p. Conducts periodic rounds to observe Facility appearance and safety,
and makes recommendations or assignments for nursing personnel in
regard to these concerns and/or report these concerns to the appropriate
q. Coordinates the resolution of resident activity, social service, and
nutritional problems observed by nursing personnel.
2. Establishes and maintains resident care systems per standardized procedure that
are consistent throughout the Facility. These include:
a. Unit Management System for group assignments and nursing assistant
b. Restraint Reduction System to verify restraints are at a minimum, and that
restraints are released at least every two hours, or per Care Plan. Restraint
releases are to occur on the unit at the same time or per Care Plan, and be
observed by a licensed staff member.
c. Turning and Positioning System to verify schedules are followed every
two hours or per Care Plan.
d. Resident Ambulation System to verify effectiveness and adherence to
resident ambulation program.
e. Scheduling System to verify scheduling for nurses and cna's is completed
in a fair and consistent manner.
f. Nourishment/Supplements System to verify nourishments/supplements are
passed according to developed schedule.
g. Cleanliness System to verify that environment is clean, orderly and
organized. Reviews written cleaning schedules.h. Infection Control System to verify residents are not at risk for infection.
i. Pharmacy System to verify correct meds are received timely, meds are
discarded timely and properly and costs are appropriate for resident payer
sources; and med room and med carts are monitored for policy
j. Lab System to verify labs are drawn timely, and in accordance with
doctors orders.

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